Through a lens of health equity, CSCLA collaboratively engages with communities
to revolutionize supportive care for families facing cancer and provide inclusive and
targeted support while enhancing value across the healthcare system.

CSCLA’s HEART commits.

CSCLA commits to learning how to best serve those living with cancer and their families.  CSCLA recognizes the resiliency that already exists throughout Los Angeles and respectfully endeavors to assist in strengthening those voices so that cancer resources and support are available to ALL. 

CSCLA’s HEART is purposeful in its outreach.

CSCLA’s HEART is purposeful in its outreach. Therapists, instructors, & educators from under-resourced communities deliver services in these communities and in the languages of these communities. CSCLA honors the identities of our participants and families so that they may feel welcome and valued.

CSCLA actively collaborates.

CSCLA actively collaborates with organizations serving BIPOC, Latinx, Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI), LGBTQ+, seniors, children, and others, who may have limited access to psychosocial support due to a dearth of culturally competent services; lack of providers; historically entrenched health inequities; and stigma & discrimination. All programming is currently digital.

Current Partners include:

Adventist Health White Memorial Hospital (AHWM), The Village Health Foundation (VHF), The Angelus Plaza, The Los Angeles LGBT Center, Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (PBTF), Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Cedars-Sinai Cancer, Providence Saint John’s Cancer Institute, SISTAHFRIENDS

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