Our Mission

Our Mission

Cancer Support Community Los Angeles (CSCLA) is a nonprofit whose mission is to uplift and strengthen people impacted by cancer by providing support, fostering compassionate communities, and breaking down barriers to care. Our vision: Everyone impacted by cancer receives the support they want and need throughout their experience. For more than 40 years, CSCLA has been providing free, no-cost psychosocial support and services to persons living with cancer – all ages, all diagnoses, and at all stages – and their loved ones.

Our Values

Integrity: Unified by the highest ethical principles and standards of care

Compassion: Concern and understanding for all those affected by cancer

Collaborative: Work in partnership with like-minded organizations to deliver
the best care possible

Inclusive: Open access for all impacted by cancer

Professional: Skilled, accountable, and competent staff, board, volunteers, and

What We Do

Founded in 1982, during a time when cancer was a stigma thought to be contagious, our founders Dr. Harold H. and Harriet Benjamin sought to create a safe space where people diagnosed with cancer and their loved ones could talk about their trauma and find support and connection. The vision was no one should face cancer alone – and The Wellness Community was formed. Today, Cancer Support Community Los Angeles (formerly The Wellness Community) provides free, no cost social and emotional programs and services to persons living with cancer – all ages, all diagnoses, and at all stages – and their loved ones.

Dr. Harold H. Benjamin revolutionized the cancer community through his Patient Active Model, which encourages patients and families to actively participate with their physicians in their quest for a better quality of life and hope for the possibility of recovery. From our support groups, individual counseling, healthy lifestyle classes, education workshops, and social events, to our Spanish-speaking and Child, Teen, and Family programs, Cancer Support Community Los Angeles is committed to meeting the unique needs of our participants and their loved ones. Led by licensed mental health professionals who have clinical experience with various types of cancer, all our programs are evidence-based and inclusive. And everything we do is free of charge – no sliding scale, no insurance necessary, completely and totally free – so that ANYONE affected by cancer can benefit from psychosocial supports alongside their physical health treatments.