• Who is eligible to use the Cancer Support Community services?

    Our Community is open to all people who have been impacted by cancer — adults, children, adolescents and loved-ones of someone diagnosed with cancer, who want to enhance their quality of life, decrease their feelings of isolation, and focus on living with, through, and beyond cancer. Individuals with cancer can learn how to be an active partner with their healthcare team and gain insight into their disease. Individuals who have had cancer and have completed medical treatment may utilize our services while focusing on survivorship issues.

    We offer a wide range of programs and support groups for family, friends, and caregivers to learn ways to effectively support their loved-one, while also caring for themselves. Those joining the Cancer Support Community in a supportive role are welcome to use our services even if their loved-one does not attend our programs

    In addition, we welcome individuals to our bereavement groups when they are looking for support after a loved one has died from cancer.

  • What does it cost to participate?

    Absolutely nothing! All of our programs and services are FREE of charge. Cancer Support Community Los Angeles is a nonprofit organization supported by tax-deductible contributions from individuals, corporations, family foundations, service organizations, research grants, and healthcare partnerships. We do not receive any financial support from federal or state government funding.

  • How do I join/get involved?

    Please join us at a Newcomer Orientation meeting, held every Tuesday at 6pm and Friday at 10am. For more information, please visit our Orientation page.

  • What happens in the Orientation?

    Our Newcomer Orientation meetings are an informal gathering for anyone that is coming to the Cancer Support Community Los Angeles for the first time. We will get to know a little about you and provide you with information about all of our programs and services, paying special attention to offerings that will specifically fit your needs. We will share a bit about our history and give you a tour of our Community.

  • What programs are available?

    We offer a variety of support groups; individual, couples, and family counseling; educational programming; healthy lifestyle classes; social events; and programs for children, teens, and families. While support groups can be very helpful for people living with cancer and their loved-ones, they are not right for everyone. We invite you to use any of our programs that feel like a good fit for you. There is no right or wrong way to access our services.

  • What programs do you have for children and teens?

    We have a growing Child, Teen, and Family program welcoming kids and teens with a cancer diagnosis, siblings of someone with a pediatric diagnosis, and children of a parent of loved one with cancer. Our programs include special events, Family Social & Activity Nights, group support, individual counseling, school re-entry presentations, bereavement support, and much more. We ask for children to be medically stable when attending as we do not have medical personnel on staff. In addition, we do not provide child care; however, we do not want childcare to be a barrier to services. If you would like to attend a scheduled event at CSCLA please contact Allison Brown, LCSW at 310-314-2587 at least 3 days prior to the event to arrange supervised play. Supervised play is dependent on volunteer and staff availability.

  • How do I access programs? Where are you located?

    Our main facility is located at 1990 South Bundy Drive in Los Angeles. We also have an assortment of programs at offsite locations in both English and Spanish. Please refer to our Programs page for more information.

  • Are medical services or advice available at Cancer Support Community?

    Cancer Support Community Los Angeles does not have medical staff onsite and we do not give medical advice. Individuals seek their own medical treatment as they deem necessary. Our program is an adjunct to the treatment prescribed by a patient’s healthcare team and is not a substitute for medical care. No one is turned away from our services, whether they are receiving treatment or not.

    Our evidence-based educational workshop presentations enable members to gain knowledge from leaders in oncology, integrative medicine, nutrition, and complementary modalities. The Cancer Support Community Los Angeles provides people with cancer and their loved ones’ emotional support, socialization, education, and hope. All of our support groups are led by trained, licensed mental health professionals.

  • What happens in your counseling and support groups?

    The support groups at Cancer Support Community offer a safe place to come together, share resources, and find hope. Uniting with others sharing similar experiences can provide comfort and normalization when faced with cancer or having a loved one diagnosed with cancer. All of our support groups are led by trained, licensed mental health professionals; however, the experts in the room are those that attend the groups. We facilitate topics ranging from treatment decisions and the effect on an individual’s work/life routine to the emotional impact of cancer and related distress from a diagnosis.

  • Should I consult my physician before using Cancer Support Community services?

    No referral is necessary to join our Community. You are welcome to sign up for our Orientation meeting at any time to access our support groups, educational programs, and social activities. To participate in our Healthy Lifestyle classes, we ask that each attendee sign a waiver that they have no medical reason to prevent their participation in the activity and to abide by any limitations that may be set by their medical providers.