Support Groups

All programs are held at CSCLA, 1990 S. Bundy Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90025 unless otherwise indicated. Please attend an orientation meeting or call 310-314-2555 for more information. Over the last 25 years, there has been extensive research on the positive effects of support groups as a method of living with cancer, improving quality of life, and, in some studies, even increasing survival. Research at the Cancer Support Community has shown that support groups help reduce the three most significant stressors associated with cancer: unwanted aloneness, loss of control, and loss of hope. People who participate in support groups report significant decreases in depression, increased zest for life, and a new attitude toward their illness.

A support group can become a lifeline to information, support and encouragement through good times and bad. Support groups at CSCLA are facilitated by licensed mental health professionals in a caring and uplifting environment.

Dedicated Groups

Certain groups require an interview as well as your attendance at an Orientation Meeting so that you may be placed in the appropriate group. These groups we call “Dedicated Groups”. Dedicated Groups meet with the same people each week and are offered throughout the week during the day and evening. We have two types of dedicated groups:  People Living with Cancer and Caregivers/Loved Ones. Days and times for these groups are shared upon completion of an Orientation Meeting and interview.

We also offer many other types of groups that require only an Orientation Meeting, including: