Educational Workshops

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9-10-2020 Cate’s Corner: Safe Space

8-28-2020 How Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs Can Help Patients with Cancer in the Time of COVID-19

8-21-2020 Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Ensayos Clínicos

8-13-2020 Cate’s Corner: Slime

7-30-2020 Frankly Speaking about Cancer: Making treatment decisions

7-23-2020 Cate’s Corner: Things I love about Me!

7-21-2020 Virtual Town Hall: Finding Meaning in times of Uncertainty – Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

7-14-2020 Facing Breast Cancer in 2020

7-9-2020 Cate’s Corner: Stress Ball

6-24-2020  Cate’s Corner: Coloring Emotions

6-11-2020  Cate’s Corner: Positive Self Talk

6-9-2020 In the Pantry with Tamar: Foods to Support Immunity

6-5-2020 Cate’s Corner: Invisible String

6-5-2020 Steadiness in Uncertainty: Cancer’s lesson for COVID

5-28-2020 Cate’s Corner: In your Hands

05-26-2020 Legal Rights & Resources for Caregivers

5-22-2020  Managing Menopause before and after Breast Cancer

5-21-2020 Cate’s Corner: Coping Skills Fortune Tellers

5-15-2020 Small Changes Big Results

5-14-2020  Cate’s Corner: A Terrible Thing Happened

5-1-2020 CSCLA Leaning in on Relationships Amidst Uncertainty Webinar

5-7-2020  Cate’s Corner: Aromatherapy Dough

5-5-2020 In the Pantry with Tamar: Frozen to Fabulous Part 2

4-30-2020  Cate’s Corner: Worry Box

4-21-2020 In the Pantry with Tamar: Frozen to Fabulous

4-22-2020 Cate’s Corner: Mindfulness Jar

4-14-2020  Mindfulness 101

4-10-2020  Finding meaning during times of Uncertainty

4-6-2020  How to start a home Mindfulness Practice

2-14-2020  ChangeAbility with Sharon Weil 

1-17-2020  Sex After Cancer: Rekindling your Sexuality and Relationships

1-9-2020  What We Know about Breast Cancer

12-13-2019  Frankly Speaking about Cancer: Immunotherapy

11-8-2019  Frankly Speaking about Cancer: What do I Tell the Kids?

11-22-2019  Frankly Speaking about Cancer: Clinical Trials

11-1-19  Understanding your Medicare  Medi-Cal Benefits




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